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Mother's Day

On Thursday I did a shift at the Idaho Falls temple as an usher. Our stake was in charge that day. We had a little training session in the stake center and then walked over to the temple. I ended up being assigned to stand in the sealing room and it was awesome. A great spirit there. As I stood there watching hundreds of people walk through I really felt that God wants all of his children to have access to the temple and its blessings. Made me grateful for temple work and sealing power and missionary work. All of it. And that people who may not "look" very religious can feel and connect with God and his house. 

On Friday I took my mom to get a pedicure for Mother's Day. We had a good time visiting and hanging out. She's an awesome person. 

On Saturday night we went to dinner with our friends, the Rowe's, and then took Caleb and Chloe bowling at Skyline Lanes.

Monday, Caleb officially entered teenagerhood by getting braces. For some reason, it makes him seem older. What a sweet kid. (His dreams also came true when we bought him a fidget spinner. Sorry junior high teachers.)

Monday was my last day playing the piano in the Visitor's Center for the temple open house. I was playing the piano just to the left of this picture. It was a great experience all around and I'm looking forward to the dedication.


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