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Mother's Day

On Thursday I did a shift at the Idaho Falls temple as an usher. Our stake was in charge that day. We had a little training session in the stake center and then walked over to the temple. I ended up being assigned to stand in the sealing room and it was awesome. A great spirit there. As I stood there watching hundreds of people walk through I really felt that God wants all of his children to have access to the temple and its blessings. Made me grateful for temple work and sealing power and missionary work. All of it. And that people who may not "look" very religious can feel and connect with God and his house. 

On Friday I took my mom to get a pedicure for Mother's Day. We had a good time visiting and hanging out. She's an awesome person. 

On Saturday night we went to dinner with our friends, the Rowe's, and then took Caleb and Chloe bowling at Skyline Lanes.

Monday, Caleb officially entered teenagerhood by getting braces. For some reason, it makes him seem older. What a sweet kid. (His dreams also came true when we bought him a fidget spinner. Sorry junior high teachers.)

Monday was my last day playing the piano in the Visitor's Center for the temple open house. I was playing the piano just to the left of this picture. It was a great experience all around and I'm looking forward to the dedication.


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Spring Break

We had the kids for Spring Break this year, but unfortunately, Kory and I had to work. So we did a sort of staycation with the kids, making it as fun as possible and promising a trip to St. George during Kory's Spring Break. We finally had some nicer weather, so we enjoyed a walk around the Green Belt.

Chloe had her 11th birthday over the break, so Kory and I took her to dinner at Texas Roadhouse where she got ribs--her favorite. We hate to see the youngest get older. Kory keeps making her promise to stay just the age she is and live with us forever. :)

Phoebe brought the kids to Rexburg one day and we ate at Pizza Pie Cafe then did some bowling at Fat Cats. After that, we surprised Isaac and brought them all the Men's Choir Concert.

We had all of the kids who could make it come over to celebrate Chloe's birthday. Did some heavy, heavy hangover, had cake, and played basketball. Everyone always enjoys it when Ryker comes over.

Family Time

This may not have been the busiest week of my life, but it was definitely right up there. On Monday, I took Morgan with me to my parents' house and I finished scanning the pictures for the movie they showed at the viewing. I then drove up to Driggs to drop them off at the mortuary. On the way back, I decided to stop by the Teton Dam site for some dissertation inspiration. We then picked Kory up from a seminary meeting and headed home. The kids got to our house and a few of us went for a walk with Ryker on the greenbelt, but while we were out, a big storm blew up and cut the walk short. I came back and chatted for a bit with my friends Jody and Ken who were leaving a car at our house while they went camping (he works in Yellowstone, she was meeting him coming up from Utah).

On Tuesday, after the kids were done with chores, we went to the space exhibit at the Museum of Idaho. That night, I went to a Browning reunion with my parents and we had a nice visit with some relatives. After …


So, I'm officially on break for the summer, which is nice, but it's amazing how quickly your days fill up with things to do. I'm still going in to work a few days a week to try to work on my dissertation which I MUST finish this summer.

Kory and I made a quick trip to Utah to attend the funeral of my friend, Wendy's, mom. It was a great tribute to her and I loved seeing a lot of friends from my Utah days. Kory and I stopped at Maddox on the way home.

One day while walking around the greenbelt, I noticed a helicopter hanging around and realized they were putting the Angel Moroni statue back on top of the temple, so that was kind of fun to watch that process. The Open House has been going on for a few days and our stake and all of the local stakes are helping quite a bit. Our kids have been busy with dance practices for the cultural celebration, I'm playing the piano on Mondays in the Visitor's Center, and I'm also taking a shift in the temple, probably stand…