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Heading to Lansing Michigan

The last couple of days of getting ready for a mission are hectic. Monday Isaac spent most of the day shopping with his mom and they got most of the things on his mission list. That night, President Vance, our stake president, came and set Isaac apart and gave him a really special blessing.

On Tuesday, there were still some last minute things to do, and of course, the packing. It seemed like things kept getting pushed back further and further, but Isaac really wanted to go up to Victor for a few hours. We ended up meeting Grandpa Kunz and driving up to Grand Targhee to ride the chair lift up to the top and hike around a little. It was beautiful and I'm so glad we did that.

After that, we met the rest of the family at Texas Roadhouse for a farewell dinner. The waitress was one of Kory's old students, and she said we were the nicest, easiest large party she's ever had. :)
After that we went home and everyone decided to hang around and "help" Isaac pack. I headed to…
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Isaac's Farewell

On July 9 we had Isaac's mission farewell. Phoebe was asked to be the youth speaker, so she did a great job and then Isaac gave a really good talk about the Godhead and the Plan of Salvation. Isaac can be kind of quiet, but for some reason when he speaks in public, he really picks up a lot of Kory's mannerisms and seems completely at ease. He did a good job.

After church, we went to Isaac's Grandma Andrus's house for some food. Austin put together a video of Isaac through the years, so it was fun to watch that. And, of course, we got lots and lots of pictures.

Later that night we had a family Lord of the Rings marathon. 

Fun on the Fourth

For me, the fourth always really starts with our neighbors Driveway of Fire display--which was great.

This 4th of July we decided to stay close to home and hang with the kids. We started out with a great breakfast at Austin and Leah's house and then we walked from there to the parade route, which is just a few blocks from their house. We found nice, shady seats at Tautphas Park and enjoyed the parade.

After the parade, we headed home and the kids went to their Andrus family party. Kory and vegged--he napped, I watched a movie.

That night we had a bunch of people over--our kids, their friends, my sister's family, her in-laws, some neighbors, the Rowe's--you name it. Every time I invited someone else, Kory just kind of looked at me like....huh? But it worked out great! We had hot dogs and etc, made smores, played games in the back yard, broke out some sparklers and glow-in-dark stuff for the kids, and then hoped to be able to see the Melaleuca fireworks from our backyard. W…