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State Track

Kory and I headed off on a little roadtrip to Boise to see Phoebe run the  mile at state track. We stopped in Twin Falls and took a walk along the gorge and watched some people parachute off the bridge. Then, we did a session at the Twin Falls Temple, which was great.

We got to Boise and checked into our hotel, ate a snack at a little crepe place, then did some shopping at some outlets. Later, we picked Phoebe up at her hotel and took her to dinner at Zupas. She was having a blast with all of the kids there.

Saturday we checked out of the hotel and headed downtown. Since Phoebe's event wasn't until 1:00, we took a walk along the Greenbelt. The river was so high that portions of the trail were blocked off because they were under water.

We watched the end of the field events and then Phoebe's was the second track event. She ran just a few seconds off her best time for the season, and she was happy with how she did. It was around 5:45 for the mile. Can't imagine running t…
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Mother's Day

On Thursday I did a shift at the Idaho Falls temple as an usher. Our stake was in charge that day. We had a little training session in the stake center and then walked over to the temple. I ended up being assigned to stand in the sealing room and it was awesome. A great spirit there. As I stood there watching hundreds of people walk through I really felt that God wants all of his children to have access to the temple and its blessings. Made me grateful for temple work and sealing power and missionary work. All of it. And that people who may not "look" very religious can feel and connect with God and his house. 

On Friday I took my mom to get a pedicure for Mother's Day. We had a good time visiting and hanging out. She's an awesome person. 
On Saturday night we went to dinner with our friends, the Rowe's, and then took Caleb and Chloe bowling at Skyline Lanes.

Monday, Caleb officially entered teenagerhood by getting braces. For some reason, it makes him seem old…

Temple Trips

On Friday of last week I got to help watch Kristi's little ones for a few hours. They are all so cute. Hazel really cracks me up. At one point she asked, "Is your name mom?" And Kristi said since she has been back from her trip, Hazel keeps asking her if Kristi's name is mom. She'll get it all sorted out.

On Saturday afternoon, Kory and I drove to the Star Valley, WY temple. We had a nice lunch at the Red Baron drive-in and then went through a session. It's a really pretty temple--really small too. We ran into a couple Kory knows from Idaho Falls who were doing the same thing we were.

The drive around Palisades was gorgeous. Right now the reservoir is only about 8% full, so it was weird to see it so low.

Last night we took a woman Kory has home taught for years and her daughter, Priscilla, to the temple open house. Priscilla just linked onto Kory and held his hand through the whole tour. She has special needs and is unable to talk, but she would walk up and t…

It's May, It's May.....

So happy for my friend Joelle who finished and defended her dissertation and is now officially a PhD. Hopefully I'll know what that feels like someday. 

It's track season and Phoebe has been doing well in the 800 and 1600. We're hoping she will qualify for state, but it depends on District times. It's fun to watch her! 
I decided to take a couple of days off and go down to Utah and see some friends. I left on Thursday and went to my friend Jen's for lunch. We visited for a few hours and it was great to catch up. 

After that I hung around Salt Lake and went for a walk at Sugar House park while waiting to meet up with my friend Jenie. We had a great visit and went for some Indian food, joined by her husband Walter for a little bit. So busy talking I forgot to take a picture. That night I stayed in Eagle Mountain with my friend Wendy.

On Friday, Wendy and I went for a little hike, then I went to lunch at Cubby's with my friend Brenda. We had a blast catching up. …