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Halloween and Beyond

On October 29 Chloe had her last Primary program. Weird to think she'll be in Young Women in March. Our baby is all grown up!
That night it was an unusually warm night so Kory and I thought we'd take advantage of it and take a walk around the greenbelt. We got some pretty great pictures too.

The next day was our annual pumpkin carving. Morgan did an emoji, Caleb did the Joker from Batman, Phoebe did the Rebel symbol from Star Wars, and Chloe did the Deathly Hallows. It's so funny how different people's personalities come out during pumpkin carving, ranging from the "that's good enough" to "I will still be working on my pumpkin after everyone else has gone to bed." I'll go ahead and let you guess who that was. (Can you say perfectionist?)

The kids are all getting to that age where they want to trick or treat with friends, so Kory just kind of ran kids around to different friends' houses and I was working late and missed most of the festi…
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Fall Birthday Boys

On Friday we had a birthday party for our grandson, two-year-old Ryker.

We had a nice surprise when LaRell spent the night with us on Saturday and came to sacrament meeting on Sunday. The kids always love seeing their Grandpa Kunz. 
Sunday we invited my sister and her kids over for treats. Her kids enjoyed all of our Star Wars paraphernalia.

We now have a 14-year-old in the house, with Mr. Caleb's birthday. He was very specific about which Lego boxes he wanted.

I took off for four days to go up to a cabin in Victor to work on my dissertation. There were three other women up there working on their dissertations and a couple of men from our department in a different cabin. We all went to eat on Thursday night to celebrate our progress!

Kory and I were happy to be reunited after a few days apart. We went to a ward party on Friday and then Saturday we cleaned and raked leaves and then spent the afternoon golfing (he golfed, I drove) in Rexburg, visiting my dad as he recupes from his k…

Pumpkin Time

I'm moving backward in this post since that's how the photos loaded and I'm lazy like that. It is pumpkin time. Morgan wanted to enter the Story Pumpkin contest at her school, so her very artistic mom helped her create a Harry Potter pumpkin. Cute!

Chloe had a Witches Night Out with her Activity Days group. They took some gifts to the hospital.

 My dad has been recuperating from a knee replacement, so we've been keeping him supplied with milk shakes in the hospital and care center. Adelle and Creed went with my mom and I to visit him one day and let's just say it was a short visit. Ha ha.

 This is beautiful baby Ella Grover. Such a cutie!

We went to the Red Barn to get our pumpkins. They are more expensive there, but it's owned by people in our stake and we like to support them. It always seems like one kid is having a meltdown when we do this, but .....good times, right!

I was excited when Gary D. Schmidt came to BYUI. I had my young adult literature students…