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State Fairs, Baseball, and Bike Rides

Kory and I decided to pack it in on the last weekend of summer. We went to the Eastern Idaho State Fair in Blackfoot on Saturday morning. We always look at a few exhibits and then the real purpose is the food. So.....raisin cookies, pronto pup, homemade bread and honeybutter, Mexican corn, and ice cream.

That night we went to the Chukar's game. Saw some good plays. Had some hotdogs and funnel cake.

On Labor Day we loaded up our bikes and headed to Teton Valley. We hopped on the old rail trail from Tetonia to Ashton. We started in Tetonia. The first couple of miles were pretty rocky and I was a little worried about my bike tires.
 Then things leveled out and got more sandy and packed gravelish. We crossed some streams and saw the beginnings of fall color.

 Near Bitch Creek we crossed a big trestle.

 We ended at Lamont, about 15 miles out of Tetonia. Kory's dad came and picked us up and we all went to lunch at O'Roarke's. Beautiful trail. Nice workout. We want to do the…
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Birthdays, Eclipses, and Stuff

Mom's birthday was the day after the eclipse, but since everyone was around for the eclipse, we did a birthday party with cake and ice cream on Sunday night. On her actual birthday she, dad, Kristi, Terry, Kory and I went to lunch at Jakers. She's looking pretty awesome for 71.

The eclipse was pretty mellow for us. The kids were at their mom's, so Kory and I just parked ourselves on our front driveway and watched. It was amazing.

Back-to-school started this week with our oldest daughter McKenzie heading back to school. So proud of her for doing this. It's hard to go back to school as a single mom, but she'll be awesome. She's going to ISU at the center in Idaho Falls. We got some traditional back-to-school pics with some extra squeezes from her son Ryker, and niece Morgan.

We kind of insisted that Caleb try cross-country this year, because we thought it would be a good experience for him. He's been running for the past few weeks with the Eagle Rock Middle S…

Our Getaway

Every year I have these dreams of taking a nice long trip with Kory and each year it sort of slips away. So this year we settled for three days in Montana and northern Idaho.

Kory is the king of cleaning the windshield. He can get every last bug-speck off of that thing. Armed with our Gatorade, dill flavor sunflower seed (don't knock it until you've tried it), and my infinite playlist we headed north. We worried as the skies seemed to get smokier and smokier the further we got into Montana but it wasn't too bad where we stopped. We took the exit for Anaconda and headed to the Old Works golf course. Kory always raves about this course because it was designed by Jack Nicklaus and has black sand in the sand traps. It seems like a weird place for a high-quality golf course, but we think the mine next to it is owned by a British company that is somehow connected with the golf courses in England. Anyway, we hopped in a cart and did 18-holes. I was the cart driver.

After that we …

Summer Is Winding Down

Summer is winding down. I know because we actually bought school supplies!! We enjoyed watching Ryker one day and took him on a walk down to a new little park in our neighborhood. 

Because I don't like three kids talking to me at once, asking me if they can have things, I took them one at a time to Walmart to buy school supplies. When they asked why, I just said, "So I don't get irritated." Worked like a charm.

 Summer means swimming, so we tried to fit in a few water days. I took the kids to the Aquatic Center one day.

On Friday, we got Kory and Austin's little family to come to Rexburg Rapids. Because it was a little cooler than it has been, it wasn't too crowded. The kids had so much fun we stayed until it closed at 8:00 p.m. It was a fun day and we took baby Andy into the lazy river and she liked it. Different parts of the park were closed three times because of fecal matter in the pool. OOoooh! It was kind of funny but I could tell the workers and manag…