Sunday, March 19, 2017

Our Latest

March is parent-teacher conferences at the elementary school, and they usually cancel some school days, so I got to have Chloe at work with me one day and Morgan another. Chloe always looks forward to lunch at the Crossroads. 

I turned the big 46 on the 13th. Hard to keep track, time flies so fast. We had cake and ice cream for FHE and went to see Austin and Leah's new house, which they finally finished renovating and moved in to this week.

Mom and Dad took me to lunch at The Hickory for my birthday. It was fun to visit with them.

Chloe had her 5th grade patriotic program. All of the 5th graders in the district gathered at Skyline to sing. It was cute and entertaining and I always get a little choked up at those kinds of things. 

 My friend Paula loves all things Irish, so she was decked out for St. Patrick's Day and loaned me some little troll earrings, since I was green-less.

 And finally, we got grandbaby number three today. Leah and Austin had a little girl named Andy. Mom and baby are doing well and we are so happy for them.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Vernal Trip

Over President's Day weekend, Kory and I traveled to Vernal so Kory could do a fireside. I was also excited to see my sister Jodi's family, since she's due with a baby tomorrow! We stopped in Heber City and ate a delicious lunch at the Wasatch Back Grill. It's just off Main in Heber and the hot roast beef is incredible!

We got to Vernal and visited with my sister, then Kory and I headed for the Vernal Temple to do a session. It's such a neat temple and we had a nice session. Of course, Kory bumped into two or three people from his Vernal days. We stopped at the Chinese place to get take out and went to Grovers to eat with them.

Some friends of Jodi's who were kind of sponsoring the fireside invited us to stay at their guest house, so we took them up on it. They really spoiled us, and it was a nice getaway for Kory and I.

On Sunday, we had breakfast with the Grovers, then visited some friends, then went to church with Grovers. We also had dinner with Grovers and then went to do the fireside. It was a five stake youth fireside and they packed the chapel and gym. Kory said, "I want to thank all of my former students for dragging their kids here to hear me." Afterwards, he shook hands for almost an hour. He still has a lot of students in the area.

Monday morning we headed home. It was a fun trip and a nice getaway for our third wedding anniversary. Time flies!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Catch Up

Isaac is enjoying Men's Choir again this semester, so it was fun to hear them sing in devotional.

These shots are just so we can reference how high the snow has been this winter. It's definitely been a hard winter, especially when we commute to Rexburg every day. We are grateful for the safety we have had.

Kory's brother Josh won a trip to Cancun, so we watched his little ones for a day until their babysitter was available. It was fun having them.

Phoebe finished up her basketball season. They didn't win a single game, but she enjoyed playing with her team. Not sure if she'll do it next year, but it was fun while it lasted.

Morgan organized a birthday party for Friend (the bear). I was the only one home, so most of the other attendees were stuffed animals.

The Super Bowl is one of the only times we get together with Kory's brothers, so it was our turn to host. Right after I had bought all the food, we found out they couldn't come, so we invited our friends the Rowe's to come over and Isaac brought some college friends over. I didn't watch the game because I really could not care less about football, but the food and visiting was fun.

Chloe likes to sneak quick game in before bedtime. Kory and I try to be good sports because neither of us are big game players, but if it's a quick game I can hang in there. Headbanz is always a favorite.

 Phoebe went to a little awards dinner for her basketball team. She was honored with the most steals on the team.

Chloe, Kory and I went to watch our niece Ellie in Madison's Distinguished Young Women program. She won a talent and academic award, which totalled $1,000 in scholarships. We were super proud of her and that was a real honor competing against 25 girls. 

Phoebe had her first official date to the Sweetheart Ball with her friend Bridger. She doubled with her friend Hailey and her cousin Ashtyn. She sure looked pretty.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Measuring Up

We did our yearly measuring stick for FHE and set some New Year's goals. The little ones are gaining a few inches a year. Fun to watch.

And here is a random picture of Chloe with funny hair.

We usually have a couple of games of basketball a week for Phoebe. We love watching her play.