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Birthday Girl, SLC, and a Funeral

Phoebe turned 17! So weird to think of her being in college sometime soon. We invited everyone over for some cake and ice cream. Phoebe was thrilled as you can tell from the pics.

My neighbor and friend, Joy, invited me to do the Extreme Book Nerd Challenge with her this year, so we attended the kick off at the library and it was some crazy line-waiting. Basically you read 50 books but they have to fit into the 50 categories that the librarians invented and there's some pretty funny ones, so I'm looking forward to it.

Since school hadn't started yet, I headed down to Salt Lake City with my parents to hear my mom play at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. On Thursday night she had quite a crowd with me, Jodi and a couple of kids, Aunt Marlene and a couple of her daughters, and my friends Jody and Ken. We chatted while mom played, and then everyone kind of headed off at different times, so I had some good quiet time to listen to mom. She sounded great. She really loves doin…
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Bring on 2018

The post-Christmas week was pretty mellow. The kids went to their mom's house. Kory and I rode with my parents and Kristi and Terry to Meridian to go through the temple with Caden, as he gets ready for his mission to Dallas Texas. It was fun to share that time with him and his family.

Since we were in the car eight hours or so, I downloaded the Unabomber series on Netflix and spent most of the drive watching it. It was intense. Kory can't watch TV in the car or else he gets car sick, so in the end, Kristi and I were in the back watching Netflix and Kory rode shotgun and chatted with Terry. Good times!

We took Phoebe out for an early birthday dinner to Fuji. They sang to her and everything. She will be 17 next week. Weird to think she'll be a Senior before we know it. Time flies. It was funny, we were sitting around the cooking area with about seven other people and right when we were wrapping things up, the guy next to us asked Kory if he was still teaching at BYUI. Then a…

Christmas Celebration

The kids had two full weeks off from school, which gave them a lot of free time. They hopped back and forth between our house and their mom's to try to hit all of the Christmas traditions. Here they are one morning shoveling the driveway.

One night we took everyone who could go to The Last Jedi, which we all enjoyed.

Kory has trained Chloe and Morgan to be The Price is Right fans, so they like to hang out and watch it together. Kory's sister, Lori, made it onto the show and it will air on March 26. I told her that was Kory's dream. ;)

We had Ryker some of the time and Caleb is definitely the best babysitter. He plays with him for hours.

Chloe: is she naughty or is she nice? Depends on the day. He he.

On Christmas Eve day, we went to church. Kory and I sang in the choir and Kory spoke in sacrament meeting. It was a nice service. After church, we invited all of the kids over for Sunday dinner. Austin and Leah and Lakyn and Morgan joined us.

Next, we headed to Sugar City to …


This is what scripture study looks like at our house. 

On the 14th after work, Kory and I headed down to Utah. We stopped for dinner at In n Out and then checked into our hotel and headed over to Temple Square to wait in line for standby tickets for the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert. We waited for a couple of hours, most of which was warm in the tabernacle. Luckily, we got in. We were up in the nosebleeds, but it was great. The guest performers were Sutton Foster and Hugh Bonneville. It was awesome.

After the concert, we wandered around temple square to look at the lights and then grabbed some hot chocolate and went back to our hotel.

Kory had a CES meeting all day Friday, so I met up with some friends. Brenda and I had breakfast at a cafe in the Grand America hotel. It was awesome.

Later, Wendy and Annie and I met for lunch (although I was stuffed) at the Blue Lemon. Then we went to Temple Square and listened to Madison's Bel Cantos choir sing in the Church Office Building…