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March Madness

Here are some random pics from the last few weeks. Kory and I often like to get sushi when we are eating out. We were actually in Walmart in the check out line and I don't know if we were talking about sushi, but the lady in front of us told us that Blue Hashi was the best place for sushi. We had heard about it for a long time, so one night we headed there. Really good specialty rolls. We will definitely try that again.

We still try to visit in Sugar City every Sunday that we can, so these are just some shots of my parents and the Andersons on one of our Sunday night visits.

 One of Kory's assignments is to conduct the Institute Choir on Thursday nights at 9:00. I tag along as accompanist and we've recruited Lakyn and Mckenzie as singers. That means we also get our grandkids, Morgan and Ryker, to join in the fun. It's been great to make music with them.

Here's a little shot of Ryker when we were babysitting one day.

On Saturdays, we like to do things with the kid…
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Party Weekend

We packed a lot in last weekend. Friday night I took Chloe and Ainsley to the David Archuleta concert on campus. We had seats on the third row and then I got a ticket up in the bleachers, so the girls could be in the closer seats. However, when we arrived, my friend Janel was on the front row and they had extra seats, so I sat there with her. Eventually, the girls complained that they were too short and couldn't see over the people in front of them, so we traded and let them sit on the front row. They loved it. He gave a great concert and he's got such a good voice. We got Blizzards on the way home. 

 The next morning, after Kory and I had helped clean the church, we piled into the car and headed to Utah. We listened to some Greatest Showman tunes and basically sang and ate sunflower seeds.

Our first stop was the Surf-n-Swim in Layton, which is an indoor wave pool. We had so much fun playing in the waves for a couple of hours.

After eating at In n' Out, we checked into o…

Happy Valeversary

So one thing I've learned as a step-mom is that Valentine's Day involves making Valentine Boxes and that it's very important that they are cute and awesome and etc. So usually I don't have to be involved with it, but because the kids were with us on Valentine's Day, it became a worry. Chloe found this Pinterest post of a hot air balloon Valentine box, so we went and bought the stuff and, fortunately, her mom helped her put it together. Unfortunately, one of her friends did the same thing and hers was cuter and won the awards. Fortunately, this is our last year in elementary school and we don't have to worry about it anymore. 

Our anniversary falls on the day after Valentine's Day, hence the term "valeversary." It was funny because I was so busy getting the kids Valentine's stuff for class valentines and etc that I totally forgot I was supposed to get something for Kory. I told him I was single so long I really totally ignored Valentine's …

February Fun

January and February are always slow picture months for me, but here a few little snapshots. One night Kory took Caleb to watch an improv group at BYU-Idaho. Caleb loves watching stand-up and sketch comedy and has even performed some for the Primary talent show. He loved this show so much he waited in line to meet the performers. 

Chloe did a great FHE lesson on pornography and online safety but wanted to round out the evening with some good old-fashioned sack races.

Kory, Chloe, and I got some take-out to share with Austin and Leah and Andy one night. We had fun watching Andy show off her wobbly walking and knocking down blocks while watching Moana. Such a cute little family.

Chloe went to a fun Olympics Opening Ceremonies party at her friend Mia's house. She even got a gold medal!

Phoebe volunteered Kory to make dinner for her group for the Sweetheart Ball. Kory made his usual Sunday dinner and Lynette and Monica provided salad, rolls, and dessert. Phoebe's the one at the t…

When I've Grown a Foot or Two

It's January, so that means it's time to get out the measuring board and see how everyone has grown. Andy made her debut on the board and she didn't like holding still to get measured. 
Morgan, Chloe, and Caleb have all been growing like weeds, but Caleb was the winner at 4 inches. No wonder his pants are always too short!

As a b-day present we offered to pay for a photo sitting for Ryker. More like a photo-anything-but-sitting. The best shots were taken in the first ten seconds but the further he got into it, the less he wanted to cooperate.

Had to get a little shot of Phoebe dressed up as a cowgirl for the Skyline/Blackfoot game.

Kory had some meetings in Rexburg this past week, so I got to spend some extra time with him, hanging in the Crossroads and my office. He decided to take a little catnap on my beanbag. We went to the Lindsey Stirling concert, which was great, but we were on the third row and the bass was so loud we lost a little bit of our hearing.

Saturday we …

Birthday Girl, SLC, and a Funeral

Phoebe turned 17! So weird to think of her being in college sometime soon. We invited everyone over for some cake and ice cream. Phoebe was thrilled as you can tell from the pics.

My neighbor and friend, Joy, invited me to do the Extreme Book Nerd Challenge with her this year, so we attended the kick off at the library and it was some crazy line-waiting. Basically you read 50 books but they have to fit into the 50 categories that the librarians invented and there's some pretty funny ones, so I'm looking forward to it.

Since school hadn't started yet, I headed down to Salt Lake City with my parents to hear my mom play at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. On Thursday night she had quite a crowd with me, Jodi and a couple of kids, Aunt Marlene and a couple of her daughters, and my friends Jody and Ken. We chatted while mom played, and then everyone kind of headed off at different times, so I had some good quiet time to listen to mom. She sounded great. She really loves doin…