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July Adventures

Here are a few of our July adventures. On the night before the 4th we went to our neighbor's annual Driveway of Fire which has become a really fun event for the neighborhood. So glad they do it. 
On the 4th, Kory and I headed to Victor for the parade and a picnic with his dad and Lori, Jared, and Josh's families. We had a great time eating, visiting, 4-wheeling, and visiting the cemetery.

Kory was just trying out our burial spot. Ha!

That night my parents came and joined us to watch the big Melaleuca fireworks because you can see it really well just outside our neighborhood. 
On another night, we took the kids to the World's Best Corndogs food truck in Rexburg, then we hit Porter Park, Sugar City Park, and took a Razor ride on my dad's Razor. We know how to party.

The other day, Kory and I took a little road trip. We drove up I-15 to Spencer and had a great burger at the Spencer Grill. Then we got off on the Red Rock Road and drove over to where it connects with I-20 …
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June Gone too Soon!

On June 25 we continued some festivities with David and Kelley's family. Caleb brought a bunch of his superhero costumes and he and Bronson had fun fighting crime in the backyard. 

Dad gave Kory a lesson in driving the Razor and then Kory took the kids for a spin.

On the way home we stopped at KariAnne's for some summertime goodness.

Wednesday the 27th my mom, dad, Kristi, Terry, me, and Kory went to dinner to celebrate all of our respective birthdays! We went to the Teton House in Menan, so on the way home we stopped at the Browning homestead and looked at the little memorial they built there for Grandma Neona Browning. They have a little shelter built out of some of the original wood from her house and then a flagpole with everyone's names.

 On Thursday, Kory took the day off to be with the kids. We had planned to take them to Rexburg Rapids, but it was one of those awesome windy Idaho days, so instead they went to Battle Zone.

On Friday, June 29, we headed for Utah aft…