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Heading to Lansing Michigan

The last couple of days of getting ready for a mission are hectic. Monday Isaac spent most of the day shopping with his mom and they got most of the things on his mission list. That night, President Vance, our stake president, came and set Isaac apart and gave him a really special blessing.

On Tuesday, there were still some last minute things to do, and of course, the packing. It seemed like things kept getting pushed back further and further, but Isaac really wanted to go up to Victor for a few hours. We ended up meeting Grandpa Kunz and driving up to Grand Targhee to ride the chair lift up to the top and hike around a little. It was beautiful and I'm so glad we did that.
Random picture of Ryker stabbing Kory

After that, we met the rest of the family at Texas Roadhouse for a farewell dinner. The waitress was one of Kory's old students, and she said we were the nicest, easiest large party she's ever had. :)
After that we went home and everyone decided to hang around and "help" Isaac pack. I headed to bed around 11:00, but I don't think it really came to an end until 1:30. Chloe threw up at midnight and then at 3:30 we awoke to a knock at our door. One of Phoebe's friend's mom was looking for her daughter. A little crazy.

Kory and I got Isaac up at 5:30 to make sure he had time to shower and get to the airport. We left a little earlier than the kids to get his bags checked and etc. By 7:00, most everyone was there and had about half an hour to say good-bye and then he headed out for Salt Lake. He will catch a shuttle there to the MTC and spend three weeks in the MTC before heading to Lansing, Michigan.

To be honest, it's quite a feat to get a kid on a mission these days. I feel like the temptations and struggles they face are so much more aggressive than those I faced, but I am really proud of Isaac for the effort and determination he has put in to get on this mission. I know it will be life-changing for him and there is nowhere else we would rather have him be.


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