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So, I'm officially on break for the summer, which is nice, but it's amazing how quickly your days fill up with things to do. I'm still going in to work a few days a week to try to work on my dissertation which I MUST finish this summer.
This is basically what I do all day while working on the dissertation. 
Morgan Gets to Ride with us to the YMCA on our way to work in the morning. 

Kory and I made a quick trip to Utah to attend the funeral of my friend, Wendy's, mom. It was a great tribute to her and I loved seeing a lot of friends from my Utah days. Kory and I stopped at Maddox on the way home.

One day while walking around the greenbelt, I noticed a helicopter hanging around and realized they were putting the Angel Moroni statue back on top of the temple, so that was kind of fun to watch that process. The Open House has been going on for a few days and our stake and all of the local stakes are helping quite a bit. Our kids have been busy with dance practices for the cultural celebration, I'm playing the piano on Mondays in the Visitor's Center, and I'm also taking a shift in the temple, probably standing there, during the Open House. We are so excited to have the temple open again.

Caleb did a stand-up routine for the Ward Talent Show. If you've ever watched any Jim Gaffigan, he did the little Hot Pocket routine and everyone loved it. He really did great.

We colored some Easter eggs the Saturday before Easter. I also watched my niece, Ainsley,  run at a Junior High track meet at Ravsten. She got second in the mile and I happened to get there in time to get pictures of her award. Kristi was really surprised when I called and told her, so I'm glad I could send her some pics. I guess Ainsley cut about 50 seconds off her previous time.

Easter Sunday we had the usual Easter Egg hunt and then, after church, had a big meal for all of the kids who could make it. We later walked around the green belt and just had a nice day. Chloe also did an Easter lesson for us while making Resurrection Rolls.

We're all still enjoying the new baby in the family and everyone fights to get their turn to hold her.

This winter I started doing puzzles to pass the time. This one was a killer! Luckily I had some help from Lakyn. So I had to preserve it somehow before I took it apart. 


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